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Social Media doesn’t just offer us a new way to network, it’s so much more than that! Gone are the days of attending a networking event – exchanging business cards which end up in a rolodex – to never be looked at again! Social Media feeds act like a continuous reminder of all those potential customers revolving around your rolodex – encouraging you to reach out – connect – and hopefully convert them into paying customers!

Social Media allows us to not just broadcast our messages – but we can now interact with those who react to our messages – In Real Time! This allows us the opportunity to understand what content resonates with the views and needs of our audience – our community – so that we can present more of it to connect with them in ways like never before!

AND Social Media offers us the ability to be customer service superheroes! The opportunities to turn a negative customer experience around making them not just a happy customer, but an actual champion for your company are so much easier today – even if they’re not currently your customer!

Simplistically, Social Media is Word-of-Mouth in action. You can now see, and interact with the way customers discuss your company. Once upon a time, a customer would discuss a lackluster experience with your company, and you’d never be the wiser. Today, those conversations are happening online; and we can not only listen in – to gather insights, but take part in those conversations – to salvage, and often improve those relationships – in real time!


Content is King they say, and while we don’t know of an official royal hierarchy to internet marketing, we do know that what you talk about – is what you’ll be known for!

Meaningful connections are more than “likes”, “retweets”, “pins” and “+1’s”. They’re created through shared values. Sharing content that provides value to your audience will help to create a connection with them. The more your content resonates with your audience, the stronger your bond will be with them.

Our work in Internet Marketing reinforces this sentiment. Google, and other search engines like to provide searchers with the most relevant content to match their search queries. If you’re content (be it on your website, links to other resources, or your social media posts) matches the query better than the next site – you’ll be considered a higher authority and be ranked higher for it!

That’s right – your social media activity has an effect on your website’s search engine rank!

We help curate and create meaningful content for all our Social Media Management customers. We scour the internet for pertinent content – local, seasonal, industry related, and humourous content – that will help you make meaningful connections turning like-minded community members into customers! Our experience has taught us a lot about what works when attempting to make meaningful connections and we put that knowledge to use everyday helping customers create shareable content that makes an impact with their audience!

Making the Right Connections – Starts with Finding the Right Community

People are habitual. They routinely use the same social media platforms, and in today’s time-strapped life – we can’t be everywhere.

Sure, you could attempt to create content that pertains to each platform’s audience, but then how would you get any work done in the day? Each platform has proprietary image sizes, text character limits etc. so making one piece to fit them all – doesn’t work!

For maximum effectiveness and efficiency, you’ll want to go where your community socializes. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat, Quora, YouTube (the list really does go on – a quick perusal of Wikipedia told me there’s 209 in the world!) you don’t want to spend time communicating to a community that simply – just doesn’t care.

We’ve worked in the Social Media space. We have a solid foundation of what works for those whose community are consumers, and those whose focus is more business-to-business. We’ll work with you to find the perfect balance of workload and effectiveness – to help you build and maintain relationships with your community!


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Combined Online Marketing Services

Combining our Social Media services with our Search Engine Optimization Service or Pay-Per-Click Service simply multiplies your efforts.

While working on helping you share relevant information and content with your community helps to boost your authority in your field, our SEO services will be optimizing your site for your chosen keywords which will work in tandem to help boost your overall search engine rank position!

Increasing your company’s awareness and interaction with your community via Social Media helps to boost your authority, which will help increase the ‘Quality Score’ of your Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns.

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