Creative Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Edmonton

Pay-Per-Click, the great advertising equalizer. Gone are the days when we wonder which of our advertising dollars are wasted - we can now track each and every click to our website - where it came from - AND how much it cost us to get that click!

Keyword Research

Creative Computer Consulting provides extensive Keyword Research for our pay-per-click clients

Our work in Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization has given us lots of experience researching keywords for a variety of industries. Because not everyone can rank well for the same keywords, we've had to dig deep to find the "truffles" for many of our clients.

We'll help you decide whether or when to aim for broad matches or exact matches, we can help you A/B split test your keywords to discover which works best, and our experience in online marketing will allow us to help you optimize for humans too!

PPC vs Display Ads

Creative Computer Consulting provides extensive Keyword Research for our pay-per-click clients

What began as simple online billboard (display) ads, has turned into highly-targeted real-time text-message advertising based upon your customer's proximity to your location. Everyday presents a new and exciting method of online marketing!

While some online advertising still resembles the awareness building display advertising of the previous century, analytical software has helped us to improve our targeting, content, placement, frequency, and ultimately conversions.

Creative Computer Consulting has grown up with the internet, we've seen platforms come and go, and we've worked with each new iteration of Google AdWords. From Display ads - to Search ads - to the addition of Google Shopping - We can help you create the perfect campaign for your company whether you're launching a brand new product, or are revitalizing an old brand!

Total Campaign Management

Whether you're feeling a little intimidated by all of your Google accounts (Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, Tag Manager, etc.) or have been running your own campaigns for a while; our knowledge and experience with keyword research, ad customization and campaign planning in a wide variety of industries offers us a wealth of knowledge and experience to share that's sure to minimize the amount of testing required before you see results.

And we outline all the work we've done, the results of our previous work, and what we plan to do in the next month - in detailed monthly reports!


Combined Online Marketing Services

Creative Computer Consulting provides extensive Keyword Research for our pay-per-click clients

Combining our Pay-Per-Click services with our Search Engine Optimization Service or Social Media Service simply multiplies your efforts.

While we're working on helping your ads rank well for your chosen keywords, our SEO services will be optimizing your site's pages for these same keywords - which will help your AdWords 'Quality Score' (one of the metrics used to calculate your ad's rank).

Our Social Media services can be increasing your company's awareness and interaction with your community, which helps to boost your authority - which will help to boost your ad's 'Quality Score' as we work on your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

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