Creative Consulting in Edmonton

We understand that with so many options out there, we aren't always going to be everyone's first choice – we won't hold it against you!

However, we are dedicated to helping people – even those who didn't call us first - and therefore offer our consulting services to those who feel they may need the assistance of a learned associate.

Third-Party Programming Analysis/Consulting Assistance

Computer programming is found everywhereProgramming is the backbone of business – both online and offline. Purchases don't happen without Point of Sale (POS) systems. Contracts, new service announcements and customer service agreements don't get in the hands of your customers without a Customer Relationship Management system.

On the internet - Information doesn't get gathered, stored, displayed, shared, or interacted with – without programming.

  • Contact Forms gather customer information
  • Databases store that information
  • CRM systems help you share and interact with those in the database
  • Galleries store images
  • Slideshows display those images
  • Social Apps/Plugins/Widgets help us share our information with others
  • Point of sale systems safely and securely – and hopefully intuitively – allow customers to transfer funds to you

All programming.

Creative Computer Consulting has been designing and creating software (programming) solutions for over a decade – so we know a little about how things can/do/should work – just ask us!

As coders, we understand the value a third pair of eyes can often be and so we offer the following programming consultation services:

Request For Proposal (RFP) Assisitance

having a detailed programming RFP is importantEspecially helpful for those who know what they want “it” to do, but aren't quite sure what to ask for. We'll know the terminology and capabilities you can/should be asking for when creating your RFPs for software/programming solution providers.

We can help you create tailored (sometimes technical) specification documents that'll make sense to a programming professional, helping you get the solution you're wanting – faster! (even if you aren't calling on us to do the work!)

Project Analysis Assistance

With many, many projects (in a wide variety of industries) under our belt, we've got the knowledge and experience to help foresee and overcome challenges that nearly always pop up with programming projects.

Customers generally find value in our:

  • in-depth code analysis
  • thorough review of their database structure
  • code recommendations based on our vast experience and broad implementation history

We'd be happy to be your third set of eyes!

If you've been considering a new programming solution, are wanting to update your current tool, or are in the midst of having a software solution created for you – we can be a confidante.

If you've got information that needs to be gathered, stored, displayed, shared, or interacted with – we'll help ensure that your programming matches your unique requirements.

And if it doesn't, we'll know how to go about making it so! Whether we're doing the actual programming or not!

Contact us to discuss your project and how we may be of assistance!

We also provide these Programming Services:
  • Program Functionality Assessment
  • Program Updating/Compatibility Tweaking
  • Program Design
  • Program Creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis/Consultation

Search Engine Optimization helps people find your products and services onlinePerhaps you're all set for programming. You're gathering, storing, sharing and interacting with your data like it's an extension of you. But, perhaps you'd like a few more folks to “interact” with?

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making your website the result when your customers search in a search engine.

  • What terms/phrases/words will they use when they search?
  • We can tell you!
  • How can you create pages that rank for not just one word, but a variety?
  • We can show you that too!
  • Did you know that if it takes more than 3 seconds for your website to respond when someone clicks on your search result, they're likely to leave for another quicker site?
  • We do. And we'll show you how to speed your site up so they don't leave for your competitors!

Contrary to what many plugin or widget providers will tell you, SEO is not a once and done task. It's an ongoing process.

  • The language people use changes (have you texted with a teen recently?) which means that the terms they will use in a search engine will change.
  • Search engines are continually trying to provide the most apt search results and so they keep updating the parameters they use to verify web pages for relevance to a searcher's query.
  • Then, and perhaps most importantly, the sheer number of different programming pieces required to make a website work requires the input and work of many different people. When one piece of programming gets added/changed/updated – it can sometimes become incompatible with an aspect of another piece of programming that it may have once worked well with.

Because of the continual changing nature of the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing endeavour. Adding and optimizing text to remain current to the search terms people are using, optimizing programming and images for compatibility and the fastest load time, ensuring that each page has appropriate titles, and descriptions – images need mindful titles and descriptions too - so that you continue to be considered an authority on your business's industry.

Whether you're tasked with looking after your SEO yourself, or you've hired a third-party Search Engine Optimization service provider – we can be a valuable asset.

We'll be a third set of fresh eyes to review your current Search Engine Optimization efforts and offer advice to help improve your efforts. Whether we're your SEO provider or not!

While SEO isn't a once and done effort, we also realize that many companies have been running their website for over a decade and can't instantly justify the ongoing cost of hiring a Search Engine Optimization service until they have a thorough understanding of the scope of the project. That's why we offer an initial SEO Audit, Report and Consultation service.


  • conduct a thorough review of your website
  • conduct keyword research to discover the most appropriate terms to use
  • conduct competitor research to discover most beneficial search phrase options

We'll provide you with an Audit Report and provide helpful suggestions to implement or pass along to your Search Engine Optimization service provider.

If you so choose, we'd be happy to help you implement some of these changes with what we like to call our SOS or SEO One-Time Support service.

  • We'll implement an optimized page title and description system for you – describing why we chose to do it as such so that you can continue to use the system as you add new pages to your website
  • We'll add localized meta code to your website so that you are returned in more local searches
  • We'll help you to inform search engines that your website and social media profiles can be considered from the same source – which increases your authority – and search results position with search engines
  • We'll help optimize and create a structure for your images – helping you ensure that they each have appropriate titles, descriptions, and captions – which are all great places for keywords!
  • And we'll let you know what can be done to speed up, and ensure the security of your website

Search Engine Optimization is a continual effortWe offer this as a one-time service, but remind you that while this will help you in the short term, Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time task. You will have to look at maintaining your pages according to how people and search engines find the most relevant information. And you never know when a plugin will update and affect how other aspects of your site works!

If you find that you're not achieving the results you had hoped for with your own, or the services provided by an SEO service, we'd be happy to assist.

We also provide these SEO Services:
  • Initial SEO Health Audit/Report
  • SEO One-Time Support (S.O.S.)
  • Continual (On-Retainer) SEO Support