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Tired of off-the-shelf products that do not work for you?

Retail software is developed to meet the needs of a very large customer base and often falls short when meeting individual company needs. Often they are missing certain key features that you need or perhaps they have far too many features that you'll never use. Then there is the yearly licensing fees and upgrade costs.

Custom Software Development

When discussing the issue of software, many companies don't consider the option of custom software. Custom software is often comparably priced to retail software and yet is far more specific to your organization's needs.

Creative Computer Consulting Canada builds and implements custom software applications, like appointment schedulers and POS (Point of Sale). We will build you exactly the product that you are looking for with the features that you want. There are no yearly licensing fees. We build your custom web based application, and you get full access to your program. If in the future, you decide that you want new features or tools for the software, we can add or remove any features without any difficulties at all. All of our code is built for future expansion and growth. We approach each custom programming project with the idea that it will be expanded and enhanced in the future.

Web Based Applications (Apps) will do amazing things for your business. A custom web based application built by Creative Computer Consulting can take information stored on back-end databases such as inventory modules, appointment calendars or product specification sheets, process it and present it to the user in a consistent format. Our web applications allow you to access your data from any where in the world (as long as you have an internet connection) and from any device; all the while being just as secure and safe as online banking. With a custom web based application built by Creative Computer Consulting, you get security and flexiblity.

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