Realtors Need a Home Too!

While working with our Realtor clients, we've noticed a bit of an issue. We see a lot of realtors signing up for a one-size-fits-all type service - providing a Template based website design that is the same as every other realtor, barely functional website - complete with MLS integration and basic Search Engine Optimization. Many realtors get a "free" website offered through their brokerage.

Sounds Great doesn't it?
Unfortunately, they're often not as "accessible" or "customizable" as one might expect. It is often slow, bloated, and duplicate of many other realtors. Search Engines do not rank duplicate content. If your website is full of duplicate content, then your website will probably not rank very well. If you want Edmonton real estate website design, consider Creative Computer Consulting.

Creative Computer Consulting believes that everyone should have a professional unique realtor website, that comes standard with complete access to their own website. And that every real estate website design should be fully customizable, and have unique content specific to that realtor and their specific focus or real estate niche.

Easy Website Management for Realtors

We've been building websites for clients for over a decade, using their chosen content management system. This means that we adapt to you – not the other way around! However, we have found that in Edmonton, real estate website builder companies usually offer only their own limited Content Management Systems (CMS). These CMS restrict what you can control on your own website. These website building limitations caused us to ask if we could do better. We have created a MLS plugin that works in the most popular CMS, WordPress. WordPress gives you the Realtor full and complete control over everything in your real estate website, while still including all of the MLS listings for Edmonton and surrounding area.

We have experience working and designing with a wide variety of content management systems including: Wordpress, CMS Made Simple, Umbraco, and even Shopify! We have a Website Builder for realtors in Edmonton, our realtors have their real estate website built in WordPress, and the realtors get full access to the website. We will design a custom professional realtor website, and then load that website into WordPress that will allow you to control and maintain your own website to whatever level you want.

For a truly professionally designed realtor website that is fully-functional, fully-customizable, Search Engine Optimized – using your preferred content management system – look no further than Creative Computer consulting!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization isn't a set-it-and-forget-it process. You can't simply drop in a plugin and think that it will boost your site to #1 in the search engine rankings.

SEO is a process. You have to research your industry, your competitors, and your customers. Then you have to analyze that data to discover the perfect set of keywords for your company. Then you have to insert those keywords into the content on the page – in the appropriate amounts!

Search Engine Optimization also requires that code be inserted into the core of your site's architecture. To improve the speed, security and targeting of each page – there will be a number of core site areas that you'll need access to. When you don't have access to these core files, Search Engine Optimization capabilities are limited. Most of the Real Estate Website Builders in Edmonton restrict access to core files and limit the SEO potential of Edmonton Realtors. Creative Computer Consulting will build your realtor website using WordPress which gives you full access to everything in your website, and unlocks the full SEO potential of your website.

While many one-size-fits-all solutions don't allow access – or you have to specifically request it from your provider – we prefer to make our sites as “user-friendly” as possible. We aim to encourage and teach our customers how to update their site on their own - should they wish to.

“Teach a man to fish – and they'll eat for a lifetime!”

Creative Computer Consulting will never restrict an area of a site from it's owner. Period. We simply don't agree with it. We prefer to teach folks which areas aren't for the uneducated, and help them navigate these areas should they wish to learn, if not, we'll traverse those areas for them!

MLS Listings Integration

A Realtor website wouldn't be much help if it didn't show homes for sale would it? In order to do that, it has to work seamlessly with MLS-IDX software.

As designers and programmers, we can ensure that your website – regardless of content management platform or theme template - will integrate seamlessly to beautifully display up-to-date MLS listings on your realtor website.

We'll also help ensure that all other programming - appointment calendars (for open houses or viewings?), email/lead capturing software, and for potential home buyers - mortgage calculators - work seamlessly!