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Now, the really big question...where do we find your website?

Search Engine OptimizationRealty is definitely one of the most competitive industries when it comes to online business. When everyone shares from the same pool of MLS listings – everyone's products and services are nearly identical. And of course, everyone provides the best customer service imaginable, right?

So, what can a Realtor do to differentiate and position themselves higher in search results?

The same thing everyone else who has a very competitive industry does. Optimize your real estate website! Help your website rise above other realtors with Realtor SEO by Creative Computer Consulting.

Search Engine Optimization – It's Not Only Keywords Anymore

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making your website - the result - when your customers search using a search engine.

Now, we all know what folks are going to be searching for don't we?

(Homes/Property/land) + (FOR SALE) + (City/Location)

The standard local search: TOPIC (product/service) + location.

The terms they use to replace TOPIC or Location, are considered keywords.

The pages on the internet that have these keyword terms more often are considered more authoritative on the subject.

But, when everyone has the same product or service, in the same geographic locale - when everyone is using the same keywords - how do you rank higher?

Every page on the internet has a variety of identifiable elements – page titles, headlines, text, links etc.

Edmonton Realtor Search Engine Optimization | SEO Edmonton

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Each of these provide opportunities to include your chosen keywords.

Use keywords consistently, not excessivelyIn the past, during the early years of the internet, many folks began to understand that if you could use your keywords more often on each page – within each these elements – then you could rank higher in search results. Many began to use their chosen keywords – all too often – which eventually became considered “black hat” or unethical practice. Stuffing your page full of keywords doesn't work. You need strategic and careful use of your real estate keywords, making sure that the content is still readable and visitors to your website like the content. Your content must be carefully written for both Search Engine Optimization and for visitors.

To combat keyword stuffing, search engines began looking at semantic language within each page to ensure that you weren't simply listing your keyword phrase again and again in an attempt to rank better for the term. Search Engines are analyzing your content to make sure that it is friendly and readable.

“Get all your Real Estate news, real estate listings, and real estate services at real-estate.com – the best in real estate!”

As search engines became “smarter”, simply listing your keyword phrases again and again no longer worked, and in many cases the search engines actually penalize you for doing so!

So, now what? Keywords don't matter?

Not so. In fact, they're as important now as they ever were!

A Place for Every Keyword, and Every Keyword in It's Place

SEO keywordsAs we said, every page on the internet has a variety of identifiable elements that provide an opportunity for you to use your chosen keywords to identify your page. And the possibilities grow with each year as the search engines find new and better ways to categorize the internet to help searchers find the most relevant pages.

While Microsoft's Bing is making great strides, Google is still considered the authority when it comes to search. When Google makes an announcement regarding how they're configuring their search algorithms, everyone listens.

As more sites begin to optimize their page titles, descriptions, meta tags, microdata, media markup (images and video), etc. Google needs new ways to categorize and rank our pages. Security and Speed have been recent concerns for Google. Those sites with a higher security and speed rating will now be considered more authoritative – and therefore, rank better. Realtors who partner with Creative Computer Consulting for their website and their SEO, get free SSL Certificate for https security; we ensure that Security and speed are top priority with all of our realtor websites.

With the addition of Social Media integration we've now got a whole new set of identifiable elements including the Open Graph protocol, Google publisher, and TwitterCard tags – which will help the search engines understand that the content posted on social media that originated on your website is from the same source. Essentially, your website and social media profiles/posts are one in the same content publisher – and should both count toward your authority on the topic.

We've also had the addition of Schema. A mark-up language to help search engines understand your page's content. This schema markup allows us to identify specific portions of the content on our web page which will help search engines better categorize each page.

There are a wide variety of schemas available – products, services, location, business hours, prices, events etc. which can all be used to provide more information about your page and topic – and perhaps more importantly – differentiate!

Unfortunately, as search engines find new ways to categorize our web pages, older ones become dated and become no longer used – as in the formerly used Keyword metatag.

This is a particularly important reason to not consider SEO a once-and-done task.

Edmonton Realtor Search Engine Optimization | SEO Edmonton

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SEO Is NOT a One Time Task

Contrary to what many plugin or widget providers will tell you, SEO is not a once and done task. It's an ongoing process.

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous effortCompetitors may switch to compete against you for your chosen keywords. Google may suddenly stop weighing one element highly - while increasing the weight of another, or an entirely new element will be introduced - which can all have a drastic effect on your search result rank.

You'll need to work on a system to consider, develop and implement your chosen keywords, and then you'll need to implement a system to create, maintain and update your site's identifiable elements, on an ongoing basis.

While there are some very good plugins out there that do keep updated on what Google is doing in search, and we often suggest implementing them as an SEO Tool; we would caution you against “setting-and-forgetting”. As we said, things can change overnight which can have an effect on your rank, and if you're not monitoring things regularly, you won't notice until sales begin to drop.

So, where do you find the time to monitor SEO, while you're busy running your business?

Search Engine Optimization isn't Optional Anymore

Search Engine Optimization is a necessityIt's a fact of life now, customers are not using the Yellow Pages anymore, they're searching the internet to find their product and service providers. And let's face it, we're all a little time crunched, we don't have time to search through over a million web pages to find the answers we need. We put our trust in the search engine to find us the most relevant pages for our search, and that's why we rarely travel past the first page of results.

To move your page into the first page of results requires that your page be considered one of the top authorities on your subject out of all the pages found on the internet. So, if you're a Realtor in Edmonton, you'll need to be considered one of the top 10 of 19 Million results.

While at first, this may seem quite daunting; however, it can be easier than first thought if you're one of the few who is taking the time to monitor and maintain your SEO strategy. When you partner with the SEO experts at Creative Computer Consulting, you get a detailed monthly status report that monitors your Rankings and any improvements.

Yes, you will need to find the time to create, implement and maintain an SEO strategy in order to compete in business moving forward. It's just a fact of life now.

However, we may have a solution for you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Realtors!

Search Engine Optimization Company - Creative Computer ConsultingCreative Computer Consulting has been providing Search Engine Optimization services for nearly 15 years! We've ridden the wave through each of Google's algorithm changes – and we're happy to say that most our customers sailed through with us, and often came out ahead!

We've got the SEO expertise, knowledge, know how, and insights that help our customers continually maintain and improve their rankings for their chosen keywords.

We're proud to say we help our realtors thrive using only SEO “white hat” ethical practices. We diligently monitor to ensure that we're following the search engine's guidelines to reduce the potential of our customers being penalized.

Edmonton Realtor Search Engine Optimization | SEO Edmonton

Creative Computer Consulting


We provide a 3-tiered SEO services structure:

They each offer exceptional service with incremental levels of commitment from you!

And unlike many of our competitors, we won't patronize you because of your limited knowledge or understanding – our reports each month are highly detailed outlining what work we did, how your ranking compares to the previous month, as well as what work we're planning to do for the coming month – so that you're always included in the decisions and process.

You never know, you may even come to enjoy the whole SEO process and wish to later work on it yourself!

Regardless of whether your a Realtor, or in another equally competitive industry - SEO is a necessity.

Regardless of where you are in your SEO journey, if you require some help – we're here!

Get Found - Start Search Engine Optimizing Today!

Combined Online Marketing Services

Creative Computer Consulting provides extensive Keyword Research for our pay-per-click clients

Combining our Search Engine Optimization services with our Pay-Per-Click Service or Social Media Service simply multiplies your efforts.

While we're working on helping your ads rank well for your chosen keywords, our SEO services will be optimizing your site's pages for these same keywords - which will help your AdWords 'Quality Score' (one of the metrics used to calculate your ad's rank).

Our Social Media services can be increasing your company's awareness and interaction with your community, which helps to boost your authority - which will help to boost your ad's 'Quality Score' as we work on your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

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