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Creative Computer Consulting specializes in complete internet marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses in Edmonton and around the world. From Website Development and Design, Custom Software Application Development, to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing planning and management.

We provide free consultations as well as SEO or Programming audits for those who aren't sure which services they require.

Internet Marketing in Edmonton - Beyond Keywords

Who Knew the Internet Could Be So Pretty and Practical?

Internet Marketing Solutions

Internet Marketing is not just about keywords, it is much more complex than that. Our team of Internet Marketers focus on Design, links, citations, engaging visitors, and conversions. You need to have a professional and pretty website that will engage and convert visitors, this is what our Internet Marketing Solutions offer. Creative Computer Consulting began designing websites and custom software applications in 1999.

We've grown up with the internet! Over the years we've seen things come and go – web browsers, preferred programming languages, content and database management systems – our experience working with the many programming languages and content management systems helps us design the most beautiful, intuitive, and functional websites and software applications available by using the most appropriate tool for the required outcome.

Our wealth of software programming and website design experience helps us to ensure that the software supporting your internet marketing efforts is not only up-to-date, but as lean as possible - ensuring maximum efficiency.

Whether you're looking to review a current software project for areas of improvement, to modernize an older application, or a complete re-architecture or custom website or software design – Creative Computer Consulting can help!


Optimizing for People and PCs

Creative Computer Consulting provides Complete Online Marketing Solutions

Gone are the days of naming your company AAA Aardvark to ensure that you were the first company found in your industry. Shopping today is all about relevance. And Google is the judge. But you'll still need to have your website "speak" in your customer's language. This means that we've had to become bilingual in both people-speak and Google-speak - and the Search Engine Optimization industry was born!. Creative Computer Consulting does SEO as part of our Internet Marketing.

Relevancy and Return-on-investment (ROI) have become much more measurable since advertising appeared on the internet. In by-gone days you simply bought an ad space and hoped the customers came running. Now, you can see how people are viewing and interacting with your advertising in real time - AND can make alterations to improve it's performance (read: ROI) nearly instantaneously. Thank Google for Pay-Per-Click advertising!

While some lament that social media is making us even more socially isolated - for business networking - social media has made some valuable improvements. Included in our internet marketing portfolio is Social Media Marketing packages. No more business cards collecting dust in drawers or stuffed wallets giving gents a lopsided hip alignment, your connections are a simple swipe away! Social Media has allowed the interaction between company and customer - or strategic business partners - to be more authentic, personable and mutually interactive. We can now discover, learn more about, contact and respond to customers nearly instantly - and vice versa - customers can discover alternate service providers, learn more about you, contact you and continue the conversation - on a variety of platforms - from anywhere in the world! Who knew socializing could be so useful?!

What's more, is that each of these marketing devices can be used on their own, or combined for exponential effectiveness.

Ask Us About our Internet Marketing packages, and how You can achieve the exponential results of PPC, SEO, and Social media marketing.

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