Hosting System Information

You want performance? ... you get it! Our servers are far above industry standards and the protection we offer will let you relax. With less than 0.01% downtime in the last two years, we believe it is safe to say your website is in good hands. And for that reason, our customers have learned to rely on us.

Server Specifications

Web Server

-Dual 3.0GHz P4 processors
-Raided SCSI hard drives


Over the past two years, our websites had less than 0.01% downtime attributable to us.

Website Protection

Virus Protection

-Weekly virus definition updates
-Weekly operating system updates
-Real-time virus scanning

Secure Server

-128 bit encryption (same level encryption as banks)


-backup battery power supply
-daily in-office backups of all websites and databases
-weekly off-site backups of all websites and databases

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